The new iPhone 5 from Apple will be out on September 28 instead of 21 because of the high demand on pre-orders, according to Reuters. The pre-orders were so many in volumes that the company had to postpone the sales a week after it was first announced officially.

The customer traffic was so high that third-party servers crashed six times in a single day. However, the problems were solved promptly and the pre-orders are commencing in the orderly way.

The new phone, by some experts, had not been what they had expected. They were of the opinion that Apple failed to bring any revolutionary change on the handset  save the screen, which is quite small compared to the current market.

However, many experts say that the photos and videos do not do the justice to the phone. It is feather-weight and thinner than any other smartphone in the market. One should get his/her hands on the set to get the firsthand feel.

Apple announced the phone on September 12 with pre-orders commencing on September 14. The phone brings in a larger 4-inch display for the first time in the five and half-year iPhone history. Moreover, there is much anticipated 4G LTE network support with interchangeable signal receiver. The dock connector has been made smaller, 8-pin all-digital.

The smaller and thinner handset is the proof of the mastery from engineers at Apple and the vendors who provided the diminutive components.

Apple’s stock hit the all-time high on Friday at $695 after soaring to $695.86 at midday. This is the second time in the same week that the stock has hit an all-time high after announcement of the new iPhone 5.

The main reason for the hike in the price was the news that retail was postponed for a week due to high demand.