The Hitman Ricky Hatton, a former WBA (Super), IBF, IBO & The Ring Light Welterweight Champion and WBA Welterweight Champion, has promised his fans that he will not be gaining any weight now in between the fights.

The 33-year-old pugilist walked away from the sport after suffering a brutal second round knockout at the hands of the Filipino star Manny Pacquiao but he is again coming back to the ring on November 24.

Hatton stayed away from boxing for almost two-and-a-half years and during this time he gained a reputation as Ricky ‘Fatton’ since he ballooned in weight from his ten stone light welterweight limit to 14 stone.

However, the Brit has decided to put everything behind him in order to become a more mature boxer.

“I am going to change my spots but you can’t completely change me.”

“I’m a Jack the Lad and all that but I cringe at the weight I had to lose all those years ago. If I’m ­going to make a ­comeback, the three stone I used to shed when I was 25 years of age, I can’t shed that as I’m 34 next month.

“Things have got to change. I can’t turn around to my fighters and say, ‘Listen, keep coming in the gym and do not balloon in weight’ if I’m ­going to go out and do it.

Hatton, who carried a record of winning 45 of his 47 professional fights, with 32 of his wins coming by the way of a knockout, admitted that it will be tough to put his fiancé Jennifer through the mill again because she was also left devastated by the Pacquiao KO.

”Hatton admitted it will be tough to put his fiancé ­Jennifer through the mill again ­after she was left devastated by the Pacquiao KO.

“When I said to Jennifer 14 weeks ago that I was thinking about a comeback, she was like ‘Oh, don’t do it Rick’,” he said.

Well, all said and done, let’s see if Ricky Hatton can still prove himself in the ring.