Blasphemy of the Prophet (PBUH) and the Western World


While blasphemy of the Prophet (PBUH) cannot be tolerated in any situation, there must be certain limits drawn to how we handle the situation in our own countries and the level of distress was cause each other.


The other day, I participated in a protest arranged in NA-126 Lahore by Syed Zahid Bokhari of the Pakistan People’s Party and came to learn about some people participating in that rally, wanting to burn tires and indefinitely block the canal road until their demands were met, but fortunately, the organisers turned down their requests and kept it peaceful.


Had we created a scene like the near attack on the American consulate in Karachi and Lahore, things could have gotten extremely out of hand and the loss of property and biggest, life could have come as consequences.


What we need to remember is that a two-bit film maker in America does not represent the entire nation. There are millions of Muslims and people of many other religions living in that country that seriously condemn that incident, including the American government.

Also, we should educate ourselves before reaching conclusion. For example, I received some messages about destroying the Holland economy along with many regarding the link of the killing of the US Ambassador in Libya as being done due to the creation of that movie.


For one, the maker of the movie did not have anything to do with Holland and the US Ambassador was killed in avenging a death a member of Al-Qaida by the militant organisation. By association each and every act of violence done to be caused by that unfortunate film, we only further confusion each other and ourselves.


The American government on the other hand along with leaders of the world, who claim to be champions of human rights and free speech, must know that there are limitations to the freedom of speech and igniting a fire in the heart of the masses. While they condemn the movie and do nothing about it, people take drastic measures in showing their hate.


The United Nations should be the forum which must take measures in eliminating such kind of personal attacks on religion as they claim to be working for world peace on a worldwide scale. How can peace be reached by allowing someone to target another’s religion and causing uproar amongst more than a billion people of the world?


Instead of spending millions of dollars to play ads in Pakistan in order to influence the public into liking the US, the American government should take some practical steps in actually showing that they are serious in seeing a free, prosperous and strong Pakistan in lieu of playing a double faced game by initiating drone strikes and then condemning the attacks that come as a result, on their consulate buildings around the Muslim world.


These are some things the Western nations need to think about and also legislate into law to stop future actions and prioritise the arrest of such people who play with the feelings of others out of pure and total ignorance and narrow thinking.


  1. well said we can record our protest peacefully in so many ways world wide to warn enemies of Islam and not make them happy by destroying our own country. I wish Pakistani people should start thinking like writer and stop playing in the hands of enemies of Pakistan.