Four-division world champion, Juan Manuel Marquez, who currently holds the WBO light welterweight championship belt, is all set for a fourth fight with his archrival Manny Pacquiao and he is fully geared up ahead of the mega clash once again.

Marquez has met the Filipino boxing icon in the ring three times before but he hasn’t been able to secure a win yet. Although many out there believe he was the winner against Pac-Man.

Perhaps this is a reason why the proud Mexican boxing legend now wants his hand to be raised for sure.

Marquez will meet Pacquiao on December 8 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and he was all business during the press conference, which was held yesterday afternoon at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

“I beat him the first three fights but did not get the decision; this time I will beat him again and I also will get the victory officially. It’s an election year and I am going to win by a landslide.” — Juan Manuel Marquez.

The 39-year-old, who is also known as the Mexican Dinamita, said he would the referee to raise his hand at the end of the fight this time.

“People say why against Pacquiao,” opened Marquez, and continued by saying, “I want to prove who’s better, and I want the referee to raise my hand. I’m training very hard for December 8. I’ll be ready to fight.”

“I’ll be ready to win again. I didn’t like the judges’ decision, because everybody knows what happened in the last 3 fights,” Marquez continued.

Nevertheless, despite of all the confidence, Marquez admitted that Pacquiao will not be a cake walk for him.

“Each fight is a challenge, but this is a tough challenge for me. Manny Pacquiao knows me and I know him,” said Marquez.

Well, all said and done, this is the last chance for Marquez to prove himself against Pacquiao in the ring. So let’s see if he can really gain glory this time.