Bollywood diva and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra not too long ago landed in the middle of a controversy after she was spotted at Salman Khan’s residence late at night. It was only a matter of time before both stars were all over the media since almost everyone out there started conjecturing what could be Priyanka’s intention in re-bonding with Salman after having fallen out with him.

Priyanka also remained in the news for having a relationship with Salman’s archrival Shah Rukh Khan and perhaps this is a reason why the actress has finally come out to clear the air.

While speaking on her inclusion, an irked Priyanka stated that she has met Salman countless times before but media is portraying things in a certain way just to gain public’s attention which is not fair at all.

Priyanka also explained why she was at Salman’s residence so late at night.

She says, “I have been friends with Arpita for the last seven years. I have always been to that house (Salman’s Galaxy apartment), a many, many times actually, to be with her. And yes that night I happened to meet Sohail (Khan) and many other people. But they (media) only get a picture of us (Salman and her). It’s a cheap way of projecting what the media and paparazzi want to.”

She added further, “I have done so many shows (with Salman) and met him a million times in the last two years, but projecting it in a certain way is cheap!”

Well, nothing can be said for sure but Priyanka has constantly been displaying her affection and adulation for Salman and Shah Rukh on Twitter. She even mentioned SRK for being an inspiration for her act in ‘Barfi’, which was recently released.

Let’s see if Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan has to say anything on the matter.


  1. Salman ought to tell the media who purposely photoshop the photo as we say in the caribbean to kiss him where the monkey don’t see the sun shine and in spite of the fact SRK should do the same or anyone who the media tries to portray cheap. with the royal family suing for invasion of privacy this rule is coming against the india media just shortly they will find out what it means to be insulting to people’s privacy. Its disgusting way to sell papers and internet they seem to forget they too have families, wives and children, they cause the death of a mother and yet they don’t have a conscience where is it going to end this hatred for others. It is so sad what mankind has stoop to, some of us dont believe this stories, I know I was involved with one of the largest newspapers in our country, every article, every letter written had to be sanctioned by the lawyer of the firm so as to avoid being sued. Needs to be introduce in India especially, if a name is printed incorrectly they had to come out with an apology next day or face the repercussions.