Google and Gmail nationwide will be filtered and will remain so until further notice, confirmed an adviser to the Iranian Prosecutor, Abdul Samad Joramabadi.

The measure has been taken and communicated to the Iranians through a text message sent to their mobile phones directly.

This new constraint is added to those already in place through a firewall that prevents access to many Iranians to access the Western websites and coincides with the wave of protests against the film and caricatures of the
Prophet Muhammad published recently. The American movie trailer was hosted on YouTube, owned by Google.

The unsecured version of the search engine itself remains accessible to Iranians.

"The Google search engine is accessible, it works well. Google services that require a SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer) cannot be used in Iran. Any attempt to access these services takes the user to a state of endless
waiting," the source was quoted as saying.

As for Gmail, it is only accessible using virtual private networks (VPNs), which allow the user to navigate a firewall secure encryption, widely used in Iran to circumvent the prohibitions and restrictions of the authorities.