In a recent interview conducted by Engadget , John Koller , vice president of marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America , commented that almost all users of PS Vita have a PlayStation 3 and Wii U referring to the capabilities of their hardware.

” If you look at Vita users, most have a PlayStation 3. We keep telling our users that the Wii U does something that can be achieved very easily with our consoles. Toco depends on the content, and we’ll make sure it’s something that does not end forcing. It is very important to us to make sure that the player gets the right experience, and we will continue with us, although the hardware gives us that opportunity . ”

Koller commented that Wii U is not going to determine the use of Vita and PS3 as shared platforms (console-tablet), but it will be the content of the games that will determine whether or not to use that.