The Middle-Eastern side will play the Green Shirts three times during the planned tour, which is scheduled for the 12th, 15th and 18th.

“We had invited Palestine to play against Pakistan on FIFA days next month but their reply has come a bit late but still we will try our level best to ensure their tour of Pakistan. They have not yet sent their complete case and it also takes time to endorse
visas. If we are unable to bring them for FIFA days in the middle of October then we could play against them here on other dates but we will not let the opportunity go," said PFF Chief Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi.

“Palestine have already played a match in Karachi. But Karachi is a bit expensive but if we get some sponsors then we will try to schedule a match there as well. Interior Punjab is also an option and effort will be made to talk to the government about holding
a clash there.”

“Singapore has agreed to host Pakistan for a few days. We are looking at it from the expenses point of view.”