Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu is on cloud nine these days thanks to the stupendous success of her latest release ‘Raaz 3’, which is working wonders at the box office. However, the dusky beauty feels heroines really struggle hard to make their mark in the industry since it is dominated by the males.

While sharing thoughts with HT, the 33-year-old fitness enthusiast insisted that films with female protagonists have never drawn a huge crowd because people like to see films which are led by males.

“It’s a hero-centric industry and it’s going to be difficult to break through that,” she said.

She added, “Films with female protagonists don’t attract many eyeballs. Most of them are perceived as feminist films. If Bollywood starts giving women major roles in entertaining movies, then the audience too will open up to the idea of watching commercial films in which the actresses do more than just play the role of the hero’s love interest.”

Bipasha believes that it is this dilemma that is driving ever her contemporaries’ career choices. The actress said that everyone is dealing with the same emotions which she has experienced over the past many years but there is no choice out there.

“If we don’t do that (act in hero-centric films), what else do we do? If we don’t play safe, how do we last long in the industry? I’m one of the lucky ones,” she said.

In the end Bipasha was asked whether if she thinks heroines are more competitive than heroines.

“I don’t think so. Heroines are struggling in their own space to make a mark and find their space next to the hero and the heroism; to leave their mark with whatever minimum they have, and that is a struggle,” she said.

Bipasha Basu will now be seen in the films like ‘Race 2’, ‘Aatma’ and ‘No Entry Mein Entry’. Let’s see how good she performs this time.