The PFF are still undecided upon the venue, but coach Zavisa Milosavljevic claims that his squad is nearly finalized.

“Yes, we have invited 25 players, including eight foreign based. All the foreign-based players have been contacted and I expect all of them to join the team.”  Although Hassan Bashir might not be considered due to fitness issues.

“I will request the PFF to contact Nabil Aslam and ask him if he is available for Pakistan. Every match adds to the confidence of the team and brings maturity in the players and I believe that such types of commitments are a must for the team’s build up.”

“We are still thinking about the schedule as we not only want more crowds to watch the couple of games but also would like the series to be economical. Punjab Stadium in Lahore may be the option. We have written to the Punjab government and they will let
us know tomorrow. We have also kept Karachi as one of the options and if any match is going to be played there it will be held at the KPT Stadium. Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad is also one of the prospective venues but its chances don’t look bright,” said Ahmed
Yar Khan Lodhi. 

Camp probables: Jaffar Khan, Saqib Hanif, Yousuf Butt, Mohammad Hamid, Samar Ishaq, Kamran Khan, Mohammad Ahmad, Rizwan Asif, Ahsanullah, Mohammad Aadil, Mohammad Mujahid, Faisal Iqbal, Zia-us-Salam, Naved, Kaleemullah, Saeed Ahmad, Hasnain Abbas, Jadeed
Khan Pathan, Zeeshan Rehman, Nabil Aslam, Shabbir Khan, Adnan Ahmad, Amjad Iqbal, Hasan Bashir, Mohammad Ali.