Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji says that her dream of making a house for her parents has been fulfilled but dream of making a house for her life partner is still unfulfilled.

The 34-year-old beauty is going to be seen playing a lead role opposite to South superstar Prithviraj in Sachin Kundalkar upcoming film ‘Aiyyaa’, which is scheduled to hit the cinemas on October 12 and while sharing thoughts with TOI she drew an interesting comparison between herself and her character in the film.

Rani’s character (Meenakshi Deshpande) in the film is a dreamer and the actress revealed that she is a dreamer in her real life as well.

“I am quite a dreamer. I think we all are dreamers. We all don’t like to live a practical life all the time. There is a thin line between our hopes and dreams,” Rani said, highlighting the similarities between the two.

“My dream of making a beautiful house for my parents has been fulfilled and my dream of making a house for my husband is still there.”

Rani said on a philosophical note: “I don’t know. Death, birth and marriage are the three things that you cannot plan and predict. When it will happen, it will happen.”

In the meantime, Rani, who has completed 15 years in filmdom and has more than 40 films to her credit, stated that she has evolved as a person as well as an actress during the time which she has spent in the industry thus far.

“But I have evolved as a person as well. It’s not humanly possible for anyone not to go through changes. Change is a constant in everyone’s life, even in mine. I have enjoyed the change at every stage of my life,” Rani told IANS in an interview.

Well, all said and done, ‘Aiyyaa’ is completely riding on Rani’s shoulders since Prithviraj is making his debut in the Bollywood industry at this point in time. So let’s see how good she performs in the movie.