The PFF have changed the venue to the KPT Stadium after failing to secure the Punjab Stadium and neglecting Islamabad as well.

“Yes, we have agreed to host both the matches on October 14 and 16 at the KPT Stadium. It will be a great honour for us as our venue will also become international. The venue will be renovated as a foreign team is coming to play here. We have already done
some renovation and will try to ready the venue for the two historic games,” said KPT Sports Manager Shah Naeem Zafar.

“They will tell us in two or three days about their schedule. For the time being we have kept the matches on October 14 and 16. But if the visitors come late then one match may be held on October 18, but we will try our best to hold one of the matches on
October 16, which is also the FIFA day,” said PFF secretary Col Ahmad Yar Khan Lodhi.

“Some of the players of Palestine, who were engaged in Dushanbe with their club Al Amma’ri at the AFC President’s Cup, were scheduled to reach their homes today. And some of their foreign-based players have visa problems,” Lodhi said.