The gradual push to insanity!

Of the many things that are becoming increasingly scarce in this world, humanity surely tops the list. People claim to be good human beings while harboring a black heart within their chest – a heart does not know how to respect, love, care or even empathize.
They ruthlessly target a distressed soul and make him an object of mockery, deriving pleasure out of his pain and using him as a tool to feel empowered.

People use their tongue to fire bullets with the intention of wounding the target soul even further and sending him deeper into despair. Every cry of mercy is ignored and followed by a flurry of hurtful remarks. Nobody sees the soul shaking with frustration
as it struggles to comprehend what is going on and why it is right in the middle of it. Everyone is blind to the tears shed by the soul as it looks up at the sky and whispers to God, “Please save me. Please bring this misery to an end!” However, he fails to
find deliverance. Could God have forsaken him for not being a religious man?

As the soul continues to endure seemingly never-ending torture and gets ridiculed everywhere it turns, a new companion is found, solitude. The new companion is the only one who makes the soul feel at peace, allowing him to not look over its shoulder, fearing
a predator may be on a lookout for opportunity to use him for a laugh or two. Solitude shoulders the burden that was being lifted by the soul all alone previously.

While spending time with its new companion, the soul begins to hear a rumbling in its head. Someone begins to communicate to it. These invisible voices inside the head push the soul to get back on its feet and leave solitude to take on the people who had
forced it to go into hiding and dwell in fear. The voices lay down a plan in front of the soul, directing it to identify all the people who had been ruthless towards him and making them pay for all the torture that they had put him through. According to these
voices, the soul was shown no mercy and sympathy when it begged for it and therefore that is exactly what would be missing while handling the culprits and seeking vengeance.

Gay, immature, imbecile, spineless, not-man-enough, feminine – such are the words used by the self-righteous inhumane souls while dealing with the soul. Is there anything to convince this stigmatized soul to spare these evil beings with menacing laughter?
Was it the fate of the prey to one day confront its predators – the animals who go around calling themselves humans.

Driven by rage, the soul sheds its own humanity, only to replace it with something so powerful that it laughs at the face of danger and forgets the meaning of fear. This newly found power is insanity.