Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif on Monday took notice of a video that had been circulating on social media websites, alleging police brutality by guards of his daughter, Rabia Imran.

The CCTV Video shows men accompanied by a police party, beating up a bakery employee and forcefully taking him away.

Earlier, a worker at a bakery in Lahore has been publicly assaulted by police personnel allegedly at the behest of Chief Minister Punjab’s daughter, Rabia Imran.

A leaked CCTV footage showed that Rabia Imran arrived at the bakery; however, she was allegedly not served by a young bakery worker.

Reports said that bakery was closed for public dealing when Rabia Imran arrived for shopping; therefore, she was not served there.

Later, Elite Police officials ransacked the bakery, thrashing and abducting the young bakery worker who adhered to the bakery rules and refused to serve Shahbaz Sharif’s daughter. Rabia Imran’s husband flanked the police officials.

Some human rights activists alleged that the incident was not reported on the mainstream media due to pressure of the Punjab government, which wanted to conceal it.

According to the media reports, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has taken serious notice of an alleged incident where the CM’s son-in-law’s guards manhandled an employee of a bakery and has ordered the Police to take strict action against these guards.

The issue of police and private guards beating up an employee of a bakery was brought into the Chief Minister’s knowledge this morning, the official said.

He claimed that an FIR has been lodged on the CM’s orders and the guards have been arrested; however, a local reporter denied that any arrests have been made as yet.

“CM has stated that nobody is above the law, such actions are inexcusable and the law shall take its course,” he added.


  1. Sharif bros are the most hypocrite people ive ever seen. it took him one week to take action when the video was brought up all over social networks. instead of him taking action he tried to block the video by pressurising the media which didnt raise any questions for days. then instead of punishing his daughter he is taking action against the poor gaurds who were just taking order and deliver them otherwise they wouldve been beaten too. He is not only phisically corrupt but also morally corrupt. this is not the first time his family has abused their powers. what happened to all the other incidents? what about the incidents where they show their brutality everyday and dont get caught on camera!!

  2. Guards were arrested ! guards acted on whose order? lets see what khadim does with his own daughter, in the end its poor who is fucked !

  3. koi khadam nai ha yeh awam ka bera gark kar k rakha huw aha iss ne ghreeb ka bhala krne ka kehte hu ghareeboo ko hi marte jis ne b yeh kiya usey saza mile lanat pure Punjab ki taraf se

  4. Sharif brothersssssss
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