Sophie Allen and Paul Biedermann win gold medals – 2012 FINA Swimming World Cup

Sophie Allen and Paul Biedermann won gold medals of the Women’s 200m Individual Medley (IM) and Men’s 400m freestyle respectively at the 2012 FINA/ARENA Swimming World Cup in Berlin.

Allen demonstrated her ruthless efforts in the 200m discipline and surfaced on the finishing end for the title by clocking an effort of 2 minutes and 07.52 seconds.

The gold medallist was traced by Zsuzsanna Jakabos, who remained 1.02 seconds behind and stepped on the victory stand for silver medal by submitting an effort of 2 minutes and 08.54 seconds.

Jakabos was followed by Celina Li, who was just half a body length slower from her foregoing finisher and tapped the wall for bronze medal by posting a time of 2 minutes and 08.95 seconds.

Fourth spot of the race was secured by Katinka Hosszu, who was 0.19 seconds apart and surfaced on the wall with an effort of 2 minutes and 09.14 seconds.

Hosszu was traced by Kaitlyn Jones, who remained more than a body length behind and touched the wall for fifth position with the timing of 2 minutes and 10.34 seconds.

Afterwards, Biedermann seized the title of Men’s 400m event. He enjoyed a benefit of three body lengths over his toughest competitor and emerged on the wall for gold medal by submitting a time of 3 minutes and 42.21 seconds.

The champion was traced by David Brandl, who remained 3.07 seconds apart and made his way to the finishing end for silver medal by producing a time of 3 minutes and 45.28 seconds.

Brandl was trailed by Robin Backhaus, who stayed 1.60 seconds apart and settled on the wall as third best finisher by clocking an effort of 3 minutes and 46.88 seconds.

The third position holder was chased by Richard Nagy, who remained 0.35 seconds slower and transpired on the finishing end as fourth best finisher by clocking an effort of 3 minutes and 47.23 seconds.

In addition, the position holders received medals and accolades for their notable efforts at the victory ceremony of the tournament.