Criticizing the republican candidate, Chairman of the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee Senator John Kerry has said that Mitt Romney has no clear policy for dealing with Pakistan.

Responding to Republication presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s remarks on Pakistan and other foreign policy issues in the third and last direct debate in Florida with President Obama, he gave these remarks.

Kerry said that Romney mentioned things about Pakistan without really having a solution. “You can’t come into a presidential debate and just stand there and recite facts about a country.

He noted, “Well, there are Taliban in Pakistan. Oh, they have nuclear weapons. That’s not a policy as everybody knows that. The question is what you are going to do about these things? And he had no concrete, fixed, certain, clear policy.”

The US Senator further stated that the independent observers will also agree with his viewpoint.
“The distinctions here are important in terms of who really knows what they are talking about. I think if you ask people around the world, they will tell you exactly that,” he added.

He was of the opinion that for seven years Romney has been running for President of the United States but he didn’t understand the technicalities of the foreign policy.

He opined, “For the last year, he has been criticizing Obama for his policy in Syria, policy in Iran, policy in Afghanistan, policy in Pakistan, policy in [the] Mideast, policy vis-a-vis Israel. Last night he came in and agreed. So the American people simply cannot trust Mitt Romney.”

Meanwhile, former presidential candidate, John McCain disagreed with Senator Kerry saying that Romney’s concerns about Pakistan were based on reality and this should be the basis of the US relations with Pakistan while moving forward after a troubled period during the 18 months or so.

“We have to stay engaged with Pakistan. But, the fact is that the influence of the ISI continues with the Haqqani network,” McCain added.


  1. Well Romney sounded quiet mean when it came to Pakistan’s issue….He is not terrified by the falling apart Pakistan but from the nuclear weapons which we own….He was quiet rude when he used the word “ISLAMIC EXTREMISM” … there was no point of critcizing religion … the debate was on whether America should leave Pakistan or not …