The smartphone industry is all about the two technology giants in recent years: Samsung and Apple respectively.

However, Samsung have extended their lead over Apple in the world of Smartphones
(35% vs. 17%) in the third quarter. Nokia, that remained on the top of this sector for many years on the other hand, dropped down to the 6th place in the list of vendors, according to reports.

It is the first time since 2009 that a single company exceeds 31% barrier market, such as Samsung. Over the previous year, sales of the Korean company have doubled their sales in this era while Apple coped up
with the remaining 57%.

Behind them is the third vendor, the Canadian technology giants
RIM who have been getting a decent response from their Blackberry, by sharing 4.3% of the total sales. However, the Canadian company has seen a fall of 34% compared to 2012.

Up on fourth is China’s ZTE, having 4.2% (growth of 83% in one year) and on fifth is the Taiwanese HTC, with 4% (with a significant drop of 42.5% in a year).

Besides the number of sales in this unbridled competition, companies are putting their profit margins to the point that over 80% of the profits are leading Samsung and Apple, while RIM, ZTE and Nokia (ranked
sixth)recorded strong losses.

Though the sales of mobile phones have just climbed up 2.4% as compared to last year’s sales, sales of smart phones increased by 45.3% over the same period

While Samsung sold 56.3 million Smartphones in the quarter (6,000 million profit, a 91% increase), Apple recorded 26.9 share which is equal to what they recorded in the previous quarter.