Apparently some of the killings may be for private reasons or that a part of these could be the result of turf wars amongst mafias, but now there is no doubt that most of the murders are the targeted killing.


To elaborate or analyze as to which side introduced sectarian assassinations seems senseless. Moreover, there is no need to tell the government or the parties in the coalition running these administrations what to do so in such circumstances.


The people in the government will not be able to solve this problem that threatens the whole nation if they don’t know the causes of the violence and the people behind it.


Nonetheless, this is not the time to recall the past mistakes, nor is it the time to play the blame game as to whose action or rather inaction brought the situation to such a level. We can blame the government and the parties in the coalition as much as we want to, however, that is not going to stop the murders or arrest the turmoil in which the city is sinking.


The situation has come to a point where all those who have heads over their shoulders are scared and worried about it. Most of the people are hoping that the general elections’ results would bring a new government, which will, in turn, bring a positive change in the provincial metropolis.


Most of us, however, forget that when the date of elections is announced there will not be this present government and a caretaker setup will not be able to bring the law and order situation under control.


The political governments in Sindh and Islamabad seem clueless and helpless and ultimately the responsibility lies on the people of Karachi to do something to. It is for the civic and religious leaders to come together and not just unite but also organize the ordinary people in that city to bring back the peaceful environment.


It is not an easy task but somebody has to take charge. The people have to be organized in a way that they are able to report and if need be to take action against the murderers. It has also to be made sure that religious leaders do not show sectarian feelings in their statements.