Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief Mian Nawaz Sharif on Monday said Asif Ali Zardari is a constitutional president and can administer oath to new prime minister, adding that working relations possible with Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP).


While speaking to a private TV channel, the former two-time premier said police department should be made free from political influence and criminals should be brought to justice. Secret hand is involved in spoiling the peace of Karachi, he said. Without naming anyone he said people of Karachi sick of a political party.


The PML-N chief said solution to Karachi problems was quiet possible, adding had he been at the helm of affairs he would have summoned all the stakeholders to find a solution to the problem.


Regarding his meetings with General Hamid Gull and Difa-e-Pakistan Council leaders, Nawaz Sharif said they had their own ideology but we do exchange view with them.


About possible alliance with Jamaat-e-Islami, Nawaz said his party had contacts with other parties but no alliance decision had been taken so far. Criticizing the PML-Q leaders he said they had no consistent ideology as they have been working with Ziaul Haq, PML-N, Musharraf and now with PPP.


He strongly rejected the propaganda about delay in upcoming elections, saying elections cannot be postponed.


Nawaz appreciated the fact that a democratic government was completing its tenure.
“As opposition we never tried to dislodge the government because PML-N respects the mandate of voters” he said.


Nawaz said PPP government would go with the votes of the people, adding it was good that a democratic government was completing its tenure without the support of army. He said an independent Chief Election Commission has been formed and there was no need for army to supervise the elections.


“We have an independent Election Commission and it should decide if help if army is needed or not,” he said. Nawaz said PPP alone was not responsible for the current crises and allies were equally responsible.


When asked about accusations by some sections about presence of Taliban in Punjab, The PML-N chief said intelligence agencies had made it clear in their reports that Taliban had no centres in Punjab.