The Green Shirts weren’t able to control the game and ended up on the wrong side of the scoreline following a goal at half-time.

“We were playing not against Singapore’s Under 23 team but it was their Olympic side as four senior players were also inducted by them, also including their goalkeeper,” Pakistan football team coach Zavisa Milosavljevic said.

“In the initial few minutes our team did not play well but after that we made improvement but all credit goes to Singapore who played really a fast game.”

“We conceded the goal after our midfielder Zia-us-Salam made a blunder when he missed the ball in the mid-field that provided the opponents the chance to create a goal-scoring opportunity which they eventually converted,” said the Serbian.

“We were unlucky not to score as once our striker Mohammad Rasool had a nice shot and then Kaleemulalh also had an excellent drive,” the coach revealed.