An unmanned US drone attacked in the Lawa Kanda area of South Waziristan on Thursday, killing at least three suspected militants.


According to the reports, the drone targeted a vehicle killing two persons instantly and wounding another who later succumbed to his injuries. The vehicle was also completely damaged.


A local resident while speaking to the media said that he heard a blast which was followed by dust. He also saw two drones flying over the area at the time of the attack. Local sources said that the drone missed its first attempt at the target, but the next two attempts were successful.


A temporary halt to drone attacks was seen in Pakistan in recent days, but these have now renewed despite Pakistan government’s claim that it does not support them.


There were at least three drone attacks in the Miranshah area of North Waziristan in October. On October 11, 18 insurgents, most reportedly Afghans, were killed in a drone strike in the nearby tribal region of Orakzai in the deadliest attack in more than a year.


On October 24, a US drone fired two missiles at a suspected militant compound in Miranshah, killing three people, security officials had said. Locals had said three cows, apparently meant for sacrifice on Eidul Azha, were also killed in the attack.


Covert US attacks are unpopular in Pakistan. The government slams them as a violation of sovereignty, but American officials believe they are a vital weapon against militants.