Katrina Kaif who was recently in Kolkata to inaugurate the Kolkata International Film Festival, shocked everyone when claimed that “Salman Is Like My Big Brother”. Katrina Kaif who was in Kolkata to inaugurate the Kolkata International Film Festival, created a stir by claiming Salman Khan as her big brother.


Looking stunning and gorgeous in her desi avataar in a chiffon sari – a typical Yash Raj heroine, Katrina Kaif shocked everyone when she claimed that “Salman Is Like My Big Brother”.


Shah Rukh Khan, who is the brand ambassador of West Bengal and also owns the state’s IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders, was also at the event to inaugurate the festival. Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan was also present during the ceremony.


This statement of Katrina is like a bomb blast for Salman as but Katrina’s statement has not gone down well with fans of Salman, who have made their sentiments clear about it on Twitter.

We don’t know about Salman’s reaction to katrina statement but she made a statement under King Khan’s influence or What? SRK and Salman Khan have maintained the record of refraining from performing kissing scenes with their lead ladies on screen.


But in Jab Tak Hai Jaan Shah Rukh Khan was seen lip locking with Katrina Kaif in the film.  It’s no secret that Salman promoted Katrina in Bollywood and the film Ek Tha Tiger raked in big money and a super-hit status


  1. OHHHHHHHHHHH REALLY now he’s ur brother when u were romancing him then he ws not ur brother which sister will romance with her brother I think katrina kaif will romance with her brother that message is to katrina kaif Think before u speak or who u say brother to

  2. Salman is a very nice guy and people take salman’s help when they are needy but afterwards they are doing unwanted things that hurts salman..katrina is in the list of those people

  3. after using salman and getting every type advantage by him now bitch is making him her brother.first she claimed to be his girlfriend in order to become famous now when prostitute is famous..now he is his brother..

  4. if this statement is true katrina kaif considers salman khan as her big brother. i am happy with it katrina has the right to say this as he is 19 years older to her he is 46 years so he is a big brother

  5. opertunist girl she is. she took help of bhai when no one showed any interest.
    look at her real sister, filled in scandel and vedios. she is also same. with entrence in bollywood through movie BOOM. she would be like her sister, in some vedios.. yu know what i mean,if it was’nt for Bhai. she is a slut. everyone knows. she aint a part of bhai’s Family, or friends, or fans.. she desreve Guy like SRK..complete diplomatic..