The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has filed two review petitions against the Supreme Court’s verdict on delimitations in Karachi.


The review petitions are filed in the apex court’s Karachi registry against the orders issued on November 26 and 28. The party had earlier shunned challenging the apex court verdict on the subject and said it will fight it out publicly.


The issue dates back to October 2011 when the SC ordered fresh delimitation while hearing a suo motu case prompted by an exceptionally bloody summer.


The court was informed that Karachi’s constituencies, which are 130 in number, suffered from the stranglehold of ethnically divisive groups. Redrawing the boundaries would help rein in ethnic strife and discourage no-go areas. The MQM has always questioned the legality of the exercise.


Party’s Deputy Convener Dr Farooq Sattar, while speaking to media today, said that “delimitation cannot be carried out without first holding a census.” He had earlier said that without fresh census, the exercise was tantamount to “pre-poll rigging.”


Calling the boundary delimitation an illegal and unjust exercise, Sattar said “MQM and its mandate are being pushed against the wall.” The party has also questioned why delimitation was only limited to Karachi.


Earlier, the apex court had recently issued a verdict ordering that the constituencies of the metropolis be delimited and the electoral rolls be verified with the help of army and the Frontier Corps (FC).