According to the famous magazine “Forbes”, the best Hollywood actors in the past year include Natalie Portman, Robert Downey Jr. and the amazing and jaw-dropping sizzling beauty, Kristen Stewart.

For the best producers in the past year was Hollywood star Natalie Portman. Analysts have estimated as Forbes, every dollar invested in Portman offered 42.70 dollars in revenue.

So, for example, brought actress Oscar film by Darren Aronofsky, "Black Swan", the production cost of about $ 13 million because of which the box office collected massive 329 million.

Portman was followed by profitability, according to "Forbes", is the star vampire saga "Twilight" actress Kristen Stewart, who turned every dollar invested in 40.60 dollars.

The least profitable for Hollywood, according to the publication, last year became the comedian Eddie Murphy. For every dollar invested in it the producers were able to get only $ 2.3 – indicating that the film industry for this
player remains low.

With regard to personal income, in the past year, Robert Downey Jr., who received $ 1.5 billion to sign “Avengers”, comes at the top with respect to earning followed by Stewart, who reportedly earned 1.2 billion.