Cycling Australia in no rush to find Matt White’s replacement

Australian Cycling Performance Director, Kevin Tabotta has stated that the firm is in ‘no rush’ to fill in Matt White’s position after he was sacked for his involvement in the USADA’s investigation into Lance Armstrong.

While talking to Cyclingnews, he noted that that Cycling Australia is ready to wait for upto one year before hiring a new Performance Director and also stated that no matter how talented someone is, Cycling Australia will always stand by the side of Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority against doping.

“At the moment I’ve asked our CEO Graham Fredericks and our President Klaus Mueller that we just sit on it for a little while, there’s no rush,” Tabotta told Cyclingnews.

“The worlds aren’t until September next year. I would much prefer to allow us to get through these challenges that we have right now”.

“Matthew White was a great leader of the troops. He had great engagement with the professional men’s group. Those 35 guys… He has the ability to pick up the phone, email, or connect with every single one of those guys and that’s an essential part of what we’re talking about,” said Tabotta.

He stated that Matt was indeed the best coach he could find and was sincere with his job and finds it pretty difficult to find his replacement.

Doping has really affected the sports of cycling throughout his history, but USADA’s recent investigation into Lance Armstrong is considered as one of the biggest doping scandal involving several top cyclists, doctors and associates.

The American Anti Doping Agency described it as one of the most professional, sophisticated and successful doping program ever in the history of the sports.

However, the firm’s reasoned decision consisting of 1000 page evidence and recorded testimony of 26 cyclists was enough to bring Lance Armstrong down to the count.

The cyclists confessed doping helping USADA in building a strong case against Lance Armstrong and were given a reduced six month ban and disqualification from the previous victories.

It will be interesting to see, if Cycling Australia manages to find the right man to replace Matt White and put the Australian Cycling back on track.