Rovio, studio behind the Angry Bird franchise, has announced its plans to bring the feathery protagonists with serious anger management issues to the big screen in Summer 2016.

The studio will be working with Despicable Me producer John Cohen, who has signed on to produce the 3D CGI film, while the executive producer of Iron Man and former Chairman of Marvel Studios David Maisel has taken on the responsibility of executive producer.

Cohen, who admitted to have spent countless hours playing Angry Birds games over the last few years, stated that he is both excited and honoured to get an opportunity to work with the Rovio team Maisel on the film adaptation of the gaming franchise.

Praising Rovio for its innovation and creating new ways for the fans of the franchise to interact with the Angry Birds characters, Cohen stated that the company is doing great from both the entertainment and strategic perspective.

The upcoming film’s producer is not the only one who is excited about getting attached to the project.

The CEO of Rovio Entertainment Mikael Hed is just as delighted about having Cohen working on the film, referring to the latter and Maisel as dream team due to their experience, skills and vision to create magic.

“John’s an exceptionally talented producer, and we’re delighted to have him join the flock,” Hed said in a statement. “With John’s hands-on producer background and David´s expertise in establishing and running his own successful studio, these two are the dream team for making a movie outside the studio system. Both professionals have the ideal skills and vision to achieve incredible things.”

While the Angry Birds franchise is no stranger to Hollywood, with the furry characters having already expressed their anger in the Rio and Star Wars-inspired setting, Rovio plans on producing the film outside of the Hollywood system by financing the project by itself.

The company explained this decision by stating that by not taking any outside help, it will “retain full creative control while creating innovative entertainment at the highest level of quality.”

Rovio has neither shared any information regarding the plot of the recently announced Angry Birds film, nor has it revealed anything about the director and the voice cast.

The news of an Angry Birds film comes on the third anniversary of the franchise. Even though it has only been three years since the original Angry Birds game hit the App Store, it has become one of the most recognised brands in mobile gaming in the world.

Decisions regarding the Angry Birds film make it obvious that Rovio is committed to ensuring that the film does justice to the reputation of the franchise and delivers the same quality of entertainment that the fans have begun to associate with the brand.