Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Saturday said that Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) led coalition government believes in the mechanism of consensus, adding that the key to a peaceful and democratic and sovereign parliament and government is with the people of the country.


Addressing a function of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he said the law and order situation would be resolved by bringing a consolidative government. He said the traders and industrialists of Karachi are role model and trend setters of the country and we are proud of our noble citizens.


Prime Minister said that within the next few months we are moving towards a democratic transition by holding elections and it is the resolve of the government to set the best example to go for it in a peaceful manner.


He said it is the duty of each of us whatever he does in profession to create a conducive atmosphere in our country and then hopefully we would excel in all the matters and we will march on the road of progress.


He said the democratic process is flourishing naturally and globally in Pakistan and it would be a leap forward towards a peaceful and developed country within the next five years. He said the base of all development and democracy is smooth transition of the democratic process.


PM Ashraf assured that the next general elections would be conducted on time and in this connection there will not be a delay of a single day. He said that there are about one hundred TV and other channels broadcasting programmes of their choice and if they are criticizing the government we are facing it with a smiling face and tolerance.


He said if any businessman has gone to any other country he would come back‚ because Pakistan is our country and the prosperity of our businessmen tantamount to the prosperity of our nation. He said we have to make our system more concrete and to facilitate the investors.


He said currently we are facing two main challenges – terrorism and the energy crisis‚ and these factors are responsible for creating many more problems. But we will overcome on these challenges with the power of the people.