Microsoft has responded to the agreement reached between Google and the Officials of U.S. Trade (FTC) to not penalize the search for antitrust violations.

Microsoft had encouraged the FTC pressure, through group, to punish Google practices regarding competition and therefore has seen with regret that Google came out unscathed 20-month investigation, which does
not promote the use of its search engine Bing.

The Redmond Company had criticized Google’s stance on permission for data portability. Heiner, Microsoft’s vice president, explained

"Customers may be able to use their products in other companies’ products but for it the result is that it was much more difficult and expensive for advertisers, especially small advertisers, run your ad campaigns on Google
and other platforms."

Microsoft blamed FTC not to consult the other companies if Google’s commitments in this field were sufficient. The company has said that Google "inexplicably committed not to allow all advertisers to carry their
campaign data to other advertising platforms if they have U.S. billing address."

Following criticism from Microsoft have also referred to the issue of essential patents, some acquired with the purchase of Motorola. Google is committed to providing access to these patents with the FTC, but
Microsoft accused of charging exorbitant prices.

"We believe that companies that promise to make its patents available on reasonable terms should keep that promise. When the Justice Department urged Microsoft and Apple to make a commitment to ensure the approval of the
acquisition of patents, both companies as did, "said Heiner.

The vice president of Microsoft has said they are disappointed that the FTC did not intervene in their complaints to veto a YouTube application for Windows Phone, something that Google has removed easily and clearly to the
competition authorities.