Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla was skeptical about visiting Pakistan to meet her relatives, but upon her return she says she has had a pleasant and memorable trip. She came here to attend a wedding.


She shared her feelings on a social networking website, “I’m back in Mumbai from Karachi. To be honest, I was wary of going to Pakistan, but it turned out to be a nice memorable trip.”


Commenting about her experience in the country, she said, “Two worlds co-exist in Karachi — a normal city with traffic, bustling markets and malls and quite another on the outskirts. It was a private, short and pleasant stay. I loved being with my cousins and nieces.”


The actor, along with her husband Jai Mehta, came to Karachi to attend a family wedding. She says they walked around with a security man. She further tweeted, “We had an armed security man at all times that we left the house. All important people have them there. It’s a reminder of the undercurrent of violence.”


The Indian beauty queen said several people across the border were happy to see her — a mark that Bollywood is indeed popular in Pakistan.


She said, “Pakistani people enjoy Indian movies. They’ve watched them all and were so pleasantly surprised and happy to see me there,” she said. “As I said my goodbyes, the cook says ‘Salman [Khan] bhai ko mera salaam kehna [Give my regards to Salman bhai]’; the helper says, ‘Please bring Shahrukh Khan here too’; the maid enquires, ‘Will you be meeting Aamir [Khan]?’ I couldn’t help but laugh. They were all so sweet.”