The former Pakistan coach claims that players coming from other countries should be forced to attend a month long conditioning camp in order to acclimatize with the locals and get used to the coach’s tactical planning.

“I think the foreign-based footballers must join the camp at least one month ahead of the AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers as it would not only help them achieve top fitness, but would also help the coach prepare a solid plan,” said the coach while speaking to the media.

“The team will need a complex training, covering technical, tactical, physical and mental sides and only then will the team be in a position to make its presence felt there. It’s the most difficult, but productive formation. I experimented with it as a coach in 2007 and if the team is prepared on it, it will produce better results,”

“Tajikistan are a tough side and being the hosts, Kyrgyzstan may create problems for Pakistan. I think the team will at least need four international matches ahead of the qualifiers. If it is possible then a specialized trainer is needed for the team and also a psychologist. There should be at least four people in the support staff of the head coach and if there is a specialized manager he will relieve the other staff of extra burden and they will solely focus on their actual job,” Mohiuddin said while talking to the press.