Federal Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira has stressed that all the political forces will have to make joint efforts to root out terrorism from the country.


Addressing a public meeting in Kharian‚ he also asked media to discourage the supporters of terrorists.


Referring to the achievements of the PPP-led government‚ the Minister said the 1973 Constitution was restored to its original form‚ besides steps taken to overcome the energy crisis and eleminate terrorism.  The salaries of the government employees were also raised by one hundred and fifty percent per cent during the last five years.


Qamar Zaman Kaira urged the people to reject the corrupt‚ looters and usurpers in next general elections to be held on time in a transparent manner. The Minister said it was a historical fact that in the past polls were always rigged to keep the Pakistan People’s Party out of power.


He said that Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto gave nuclear technology to the nation and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto the missile technology.


He also said there would be no delay in the elections and the government would consult all the stakeholders for the interim set-up. He said that the Chief Election Commissioner appointed with the consensus of all political parties is fully committed to conduct free and fair polls.


The Information Minister said Pakistan People’s Party does not believe in political victimization and promoted culture of tolerance in the country.  He said that the democratic government had strengthened the federating units and distributed resources among them equitably.


  1. From the very first day, PPP enters in the corridors of powers; its co-chairman announced that PPP will pursue the policy of reconciliation. This was not a mere lip service, PPP proved at every step by taking along the worst foes of past together including ANP, MQM , ANP and PML-N. PPP buried all the old feuds despite smear campaigns against its leadership in the past. It was first time in the history of Pakistan that there was no political victim in the country. Every thing was well for the first two years of the coalition however PML-N reeled on the old bad ways and once against started the political bickering by threatening to part ways with coalition and finally it parted ways for the personal vested interests. The same old bad politics of accusations, blame game and mudslinging once again geared up against the PPP leadership. Despite all the wrong doings of PML-N, PPP leadership waged entire efforts to PML-N along. However PML-N had nothing to do with the problems of masses and was engaged to regain its falling image. Now if PPP has extended its support to PML-Q why there is big fuss, even in the past PML-N leadership was active in back channel diplomacy while conducting tacit meetings with PML-Q leadership. I suggest PML-N not to derail the democracy and stop maligning the image of PPP.