Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Fakhrudin G. Ibrahim has categorically stated that new delimitation of constituencies would not be carried out in Karachi,


Talking to media persons in Karachi, Justice Ibrahim said the the de-limitation of constituencies in Karachi was not possible before elections. He believed that the upcoming general elections would be held in a transparent manner.


Serious efforts are being made to complete the process of verifying the voters’ list in Karachi, said Ibrahim, adding that Corps Commander Karachi had assured him that army personnel would be provided to the election commission’s staff wherever necessary.


The CEC said there was no issue over the law and order situation in the country. Justice (Retd) Ibrahim urged citizens to quickly register their votes for the elections, adding that it was the duty of every Pakistani to cast his or her vote.


Only transparent elections can result in the improvement of the country’s situation and that Pakistan had no future if the elections were not held transparently, he said.


Ebrahim had earlier also stated that the delimitation of constituencies in Karachi was not possible as all political parties had not given their proposals on the issue.


He had said that the constituencies had been carved out accordingly following the 1998 census and as such should not be changed for now. He maintained that without a fresh census, delimitation of constituencies would be pointless.