Arun Kumar P., who is one of the most talented players in the younger lot of India, advanced into Men’s Singles main round after defeating Thakkar Anurag in qualifying round of Ajnani Devi Memorial All India Senior Ranking Tournament 2013 on Wednesday, January 23, in Hyderabad.

The in-form Arun remained confident in all of his matches in the championship and he continued his winning streak by beating Anurag in a spectacular manner in just 30 minutes.

Arun played with wonderful precision and controlled his nerves at the crucial stages in the arena. He did not lose his focus at any stage and wrapped up victory in straight games with a reasonable margin of 21-18 and 21-17.

Meanwhile, Anurag also gave a good fight in opening parts of both games but he could not maintain his rhythm in ending points and eventually crashed out without snatching any game from his challenger.

Arun showed an amazing aggression in the arena from the starting rallies of first set by building a huge pressure on his rival.

The speed of the rallies was very fast in starting set and Arun impressed local crowd with his unmatched skills.

Arun progressed with a superb speed in the first part and stayed in lead on score board until the one-minute interval.

The incredible Arun remained confident in the arena after the mid-game interval as he played with the same speed.

It was a smooth sailing for the aggressive Arun who did not face any considerable fight from his opponent and won the first game with a decent 21-18 difference on the board.

Anurag was again in problem in the following set as he received a severe treatment from his opponent who was flawless on court.

The hard to return smashes and net killings kept Arun ahead of his challenger all the way until the one-minute interval in second set.

Arun continued putting up staggering show in the ending part of second set and remained successful in clinching the game with a reasonable score of 21-17. With this victory, Arun secured his place in the main round of this ranking tournament.