Women’s Singles expert Evgenia Dimova thrashed Natalia Rogov in the second round of Russian National Championships and trod into quarter-finals on January 29, 2013.

This hard fought battle took place in local badminton arena of Saratov and it kept the audience glued to their chairs for 31 minutes.

Though, Evgenia locked the honour in a splendid manner but still she had to put an extra effort to read a favourable result of 21-19 and 21-19.

However, Natalia also put a great show of badminton skills and walked tall despite of losing this crucial match.

In the opening game, both contenders challenged each other to gain an early advantage but neither of them could establish her grip.

They remained close on the points table in the establishing rallies and made the crowd gasp with their mesmerising performance.

Both female shuttlers played with equal control until the half time but then Evgenia made the difference by prevailing in couple of consecutive rallies.

She kept on moving forward at steady pace and widened the gap on points table in third quarter of the set.

She maintained a respectable lead until game point situation and registered a winning margin of 21-19.

The second set of match was just a replay of previous one as Natalia remained at lower end in most part of the game. She took off in perfect manner but then few back-to-back mistakes brought her down.

Evgenia made best out of her rival’s blunders and established a comfortable lead in no time. She finished first half of the set with a decent margin of 11 and then served notice of her supremacy in the latter part of game.

She placed a tight yet decisive figure of 21-19 and qualified for the quarter-finals where Romina Gabdullina will be her challenger.