Interior Minister Rehman Malik has decided to lift for one day a government ban on YouTube so the people could watch David Dhawan’s Chashme Baddoor, the movie which made all Ali Zafar fans wait for around a year, NewsPakistan has learnt. The movie will be released on the 5th of April.


The first trailer came out Thursday which looks totally worth the wait. However there was a problem.


Keeping in mind the popularity and reach of social media, producers decided to release the trailer on youtube for audience.


They forgot the fact the this website is banned in the male lead’s native country. However, the release of the official trailer for Chashme Baddoor has garnered such a national frenzy that Rehman Malik has decided to open YouTube for one day, just so everyone can see Chashme Baddoor’s trailer online.


This is the first and only entertainment friendly step from Rehman Baba in these crazy ban-times.


Let’s see how long does this soft-corner for youtube deprived people remain?


The remake if Sai Paranjpe’s 1981 classic, in which Ali Zafar plays the lead role of Farooque Shaikh’s character, is coming out in cinemas on 5th April, 2013. It is time to grab this unique opportunity to log on to YouTube and see the first glimpse of Ali Zafar’s eagerly anticipated Chashme Baddoor.