Japan’s young but talented player Sakai Kazumasa played with great precision and defeated Andre Marteen Tene in group stage of Djarum Superliga Badminton on February 7, 2013.

This was a Men’s Singles tie of a match between PB Mutiara Bandung and Unisys Badminton Club.

Both shuttlers faced each other in local badminton arena of Surabaya, Indonesia and their meeting prolonged to 40 minutes.

The Japanese campaigner employed all of his brilliance in the game and locked the honour with an impressive result of 21-15 and 21-12.

Sakai did not give his challenger enough time to get settled and confounded him with a brisk attack.

This intensive attack proved too much for Andre Marteen as he failed to rise on his toes in both segments of the showdown.

In the opening game, Sakai bagged many valuable points without any interruption and established his grip.

He made best out of this initial advantage and strengthened his grip way before the one-minute break.

Meanwhile, the native shuttler kept on making fatal mistakes and this series of blunders kept him at the lower end until half time.

After the mid-game break, things became worse for Andre Marteen and he had to surrender after reading an overwhelming score of 15-21.

The second set of match was just a replay of previous one as the Japanese shuttler did not give his rival even a single chance to come back and sent him packing with a staggering knock.

Sakai played with an authoritative approach and kept his competitor under control. He mounted pressure by registering a convincing figure of 11 and then magnified the impact with a thundering performance in latter part of the game.

He piled up a winning margin of 21-12 and won a crucial match point for his team. His victory helped Unisys Badminton Club to win this encounter with 5-0 total.