Indonesia’s elite player Tommy Sugiarto made his fans happy as he put up strong show of top class badminton and overpowered Thailand’s Boonsak Ponsana in Men’s Singles clash at Djarum Superliga Badminton 2013 in Indonesia, on Thursday, February 7.

The in-form Sugiarto, who is representing PB Musica Champion in the tournament, showed a strong performance and outwitted the experience Ponsana who is playing in this team-event league from PB Jaya Raya.

Indonesian player was in remarkable form as he played with remarkable precision and managed to win this battle in a comprehensive way putting up 21-12 and 21-12 margin on the score board in just 39 minutes.

On the contrary, the experienced Ponsana tried his level best to stop the aggression of his local challenger but he failed to find a good flow. He committed many errors and ultimately lost the match in straight games with a one-sided margin.

Sugiarto delivered remarkably well from the starting points of first game as he played with spectacular speed and took over the charge of rallies.

Indonesian player proved that he has obtained top quality skills on court and ultimately successful in taking a strong position in the arena.

Until the mid-game interval, the aggressive Sugiarto was leading the game as he did not let his challenger to take charge of rallies at any stage.

The contest progressed in the same manner after the one-minute break as Sugiarto did not lose his focus in the arena.

It was a smooth sailing for the impressive Sugiarto who did not face any considerable opposition from his challenger and won the first set with a staggering 21-12 difference on the board.

Sugiarto did not lose his control at any stage in the first part of second game as he played with confidence and precision.

The impressive Indonesian shuttler was at his best and he remained successful in setting up a stunning lead until the end of first part.

The lofty Sugiarto continued putting up comfortable show in the ending part of second game and remained successful in clinching the game with a reasonable 21-12 difference on score board.