The talented British shuttler Sarah Walker played with great precision in group stage of European Mixed Team Championships and outclassed Ieva Pope on February 12, 2013.

This was a Women’s Singles tie of a match between England and Latvia. Both contenders remained head-to-head for three gruelling sets.

Initially, Sarah took some time to read her rival’s game and lost the opening game but she managed to tip the scale in her favour in the ending two games. She locked the honour with an impressive result of 12-21, 21-10 and 21-10.

On the other hand, Ieva Pope failed to capitalise her first set win and knelt down tamely in the crucial moments.

In the opening game, she played with an authoritative approach and kept the opposing shuttler under control. She mounted pressure by pocketing couple of consecutive points and then doubled the impact with a decent total before the interval.

In latter part of the game, Ieva did not lose focus and wrapped this segment of the showdown with a favourable score of 21-12.

This setback did not affect Sarah’s morale as she played with commendable conviction in the very next set and levelled the match score.

This time the British campaigner did not repeat her previous mistakes and confounded Ieva immediately in the establishing rallies.

Women’s Singles expert Sarah kept on moving forward at steady pace and piled up a significant margin of 11 in no time.

She made best out of this advantage in latter part of the game and bagged this valuable match point with 21-10 total.

The decider became consequential after this development as both contenders were standing equal.

Sarah displayed superior craft on the court and locked the honour with an overwhelming figure of 21-10. With this win, she also ensured England’s victory Latvia.