The Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) will boycott the proposed Afghan Ulema Conference scheduled to be held in Kabul in March, Chairman PUC, member Islamic Ideological Council Hafiz Mohammad Tahir Ashrafi said Wednesday.


Addressing a news conference, he said various parties including Wafaq ul Maradis Arabia,Tahafuz e Madaris e Deenia, Jamiat Ulema e Islam Fazal, (JUI-F), JUI-S, Jamat e Islami and several others have already boycotted the ensuing Afghan Ulema Conference.


Giving reason of boycott he said PUC believes that any reconciliation efforts sans Afghan Taliban could not prove fruitful

Afghan Taliban must be included in every peace efforts as they are the major stakeholders.


He said the management of ensuing Afghan Ulema Conference has yet to convey clear agenda of the conference.


He alleged that Afghan Ulema had violated agreement inked with PUC a few days ago.


He said PUC was ready to play its role in ensuring lasting peace in Afghanistan and forging unity among various stake holders but PUC was not ready to condemn Afghan Taliban or its chief Mulla Omar.


Responding to a question he said he had submitted five points in Islamic Ideological Council for exterminating sectarian violence.