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Los Angeles Angels star slugger Albert Pujols has appreciated his young teammate centre fielder Mike Trout’s extraordinary hitting talent.


Talking a news conference, the nine-time Major League All-Star Pujols seemed impressed by Mike Trout’s consistent hitting average in a season in which majority of Angels could not even play their natural offensive game.


Along with an appreciating tone, the two-time World Series winner Pujols also gave a few good suggestions to Mike Trout and tried to highlight some very good fundamentals which could help him achieve the true spirit of the game as a superstar.


“There are going to be a lot of expectations on Mike,” Pujols said at a Thursday news conference that included Trout and Josh Hamilton. “He needs to know how to say ‘no’ sometimes to people, because everybody is going to want a piece of him. He needs to stay focused and do what he needs to do.”


The 21-year young sensation Trout is coming off with a wonderful 2012 Major League Baseball season where he achieved .326 hitting average along with 30 home runs, 83 RBIs and .399 OBP.


“I’ll lose five to 10 pounds during spring training, so I felt coming in heavier would help for where I need to be throughout the year,” said Trout, who lost 15-20 pounds because of a viral infection last spring. “I feel great.”


Trout added, “When I play baseball, I’m not worried about what people think or what they’re saying. I have one thing on my mind, to enjoy the game and do anything to help the team win.”


Trout’s all round tremendous performance in 2012 season win him many awards. He was selected in last season’s All-Star game and also won the American League Rookie of the year award and Silver Slugger honours. Trout also led the American League in runs scored and stolen bases.