Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf Wednesday urged the media to remain within the bounds of moral and professional ethics, social values and adhere to the regulatory mechanism in place lest it encourages chaos in the society.


Addressing first ever South Asia Media Summit organized by All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) in Islamabad, the Prime Minister said media can enjoy its freedom only in a democratic dispensation and democracy can flourish in an environment where media is independent.


He said the PPP government has an abiding commitment to freedom of expression, adding media enjoys complete freedom and is contributing to the strengthening of democracy in the country.


The Prime Minister said during the first tenure of the government of Benazir Bhutto, the quota of printing paper was annulled and the media was given freedom.


He said the present government soon after taking over, abolished the black laws and ensured media freedom. He assured that the present democratic government will continue to protect media freedom and facilitate it in every possible manner.


He urged the media to play its due and pivotal role in removing misunderstandings and build an atmosphere of peace and friendship among the countries in the region.


Highlighting the importance of media, the Prime Minister said it has become a ‘soft power’ with the potential to embrace all aspects of the lives of nations.


He said media always highlighted fundamental rights and human liberties and acts as a watch-dog against any excesses by the government.


  1. Pakistan’s media seems to be the only segment of society at the moment that is prospering. The media personnel have gone ecstatic over the current political climate in the country. Each and every single day they sit in their kiosks and start bullying the helpless politicians with their sarcastic remarks. They are the champions of democracy, yet they are the ones trying their utmost to bring about the failure of the government at all costs. They should realize their responsibilities and step back from their role of kingmakers. Please back off and send some positive messages. I have no connection with
    the PPP; I am a simple and humble citizen who feels threatened that his fellow citizens are in despair due to the media mafia.