Electricity supply has been restored in most parts of the country while it will be restored in remaining areas shortly, officials said Monday.


The power supply was cut off last Sunday due to a major breakdown‚ affecting the entire country.


Secretary Water and Power, Rai Sikandar, said that production of 5‚800 mega watt electricity has been restored while work is underway to overcome the remaining shortfall.


The secretary said that the prime minister has taken serious notice of the breakdown and ordered an inquiry into the major breakdown.


A total of 100 megawatt electricity has been supplied to Karachi Electric Supply Company to meet the demand.


The breakdown reportedly occurred when Tarbela and Mangla power plants tripped suddenly.


It affected all the major cities including Islamabad‚ Rawalpindi‚ Lahore‚ Quetta‚ Karachi and Peshawar.


According to Ministry of Water and Power‚ a fault in HUBCO power station affected the national grid that tripped the Tarbela and Mangla power stations.


The Water and Power Secretary quashed all the rumours which gripped the country after the major power breakdown.


Addressing a press conference early Monday, the Secretary said that it would take the officials two and a half hours to restore power.


He said there was no fault in the national grid and it was instead a cascading effect that led to the power outages.


The official stated that the entire power system was interconnected like a chain. “1200 megawatt electricity went out of system due to a technical fault at HUBCO power plant,” he said. He said the system automatically shifted to Tarbela and Mangla and they tripped off the line due to the cascading effect.


He said the HUBCO Power Plant supplies electricity to Karachi and other parts of Pakistan.


“As soon as the KESC is able to generate 50 to 100 megawatts electricity the HUBCO will start working gradually,” he added.


Sikandar also said that electricity from Peshawar to Kalashah Kaku had been restored.


‘We cannot run all grid stations at once, we will gradually do that as we have to protect the whole system” He said.


The secretary said Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and Water and Power Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar had taken notice of the situation and were in constant touch with the officials concerned. He said a team had been formed to investigate the issue.