Afghan Taliban say that American soldiers in the Guantanamo prison have disgraced the Qur’an in the presence of prisoners and the prisoners started to protest.


A Taliban spokesman has condemned it on behalf of the Islamic Emirate in a statement, which was sent to the media.


Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mojahed said that the holy Qur’an had been disgraced in the Guantanamo prison around 20 days ago.


The statement, which was sent to the media, says: “US soldiers, who guard and supervise the Guantanamo prison, once again disgraced a copy of the Qur’an in presence of prisoners around 20 days ago. The prisoners started a large-scale protest against it and have been protesting for 20 days. However, no official gave any attention to it.”


The Islamic Emirate strongly condemn it and consider this act as shameful and demand an investigation into it, Zabihullah Mujahed said.


He added: “The Islamic Emirate calls on the Islamic world, human rights organizations and all international organizations to conduct a probe into the action performed by the US soldiers. They should be stopped performing such actions in front of prisoners and prevented from mental torturing of the prisoners.”


Mujahid said it was possible that the prisoners might have faced problems due to this protest and the International Committee of the Red Cross should ask the prisoners about it.


The Taliban have called on the Islamic world to condemn this act and asked to take necessary steps to prevent such incidents.


The Taliban gave no details of the source from which they had received the information about the desecration of the Koran in the Guantanamo prison.