Men’s Singles event of Yonex German Open was dominated by the Chinese campaigner Chen Long as he thrashed Tommy Sugiarto and claimed the crown on March 3, 2013.

This title match remained in full swing for 46 minutes before ending with the decisive figures of 21-17 and 21-11.

World Number two shuttler laid foundation of his dominance by winning first set and then proved his supremacy by sealing a straight-set victory.

On the other hand, young Indonesian player was no comparison as he failed to pocket even a single match point.

Things went out of control when he made many mistakes in the establishing rallies of opening game. He could not come out of this deficit all the way to game point situation.

Meanwhile, Chen Long made best out of his opponent’s blunders and strengthened his grip. At first, he mounted pressure by making a significant difference on the points table and then magnified the impact with a decent total before interval.

Though, he lost focus for a short span of time but then some productive rallies reinstated his dominance in third quarter of the set.

Chen Long did not give his challenger even a single counterattack opportunity and won this match point with 21-17.

The second set was completely dominated by the Chinese shuttler and he enjoyed an upper hand from very stroke till the last one.

He tipped the scale in his favour with a mountainous figure of 11 and then locked the honour with a distinctive lead of ten points.

Chen Long played flawless badminton in second half of the set and confounded his competitor in all areas of the game. He registered a convincing margin of 21-11 and raised hands as champion of Yonex German Open.