World Baseball Classic Update/ News


The Team USA has suffered a big blow after hearing of their star first baseman Mark Teixeira’s strained right wrist injury. Sources are telling that one to two weeks will be required in his full recovery.


Teixeira is full time player in the New York Yankees franchise. His recent injury also made the Yankees management slight worried.


“I’m obviously worried about it because wrists are very unpredictable,” Yankees GM Brian Cashman said.


Later the Yankees manager Joe Girardi said, “Yeah, because he’s not here it’s a little more concerning because you’re wondering what it will be.”


About Teixeira injury, team USA’s manager Joe Torre said, “I think he took about three or four light swings as he was starting to get loose and he felt something in there, He said he never had this before. He was just shaking his head.”


Teixeira is a very talented individual and at the same time Team USA was certainly looking forward a good competition ahead with its full strength.


His injury has now put the team USA on back foot in this year’s World Baseball Classic. The entire team knows that they have tough competition in their pool.


Regarding Yankees Teixeira and his latest sudden injury, US skipper Joe Torre later explained in detail saying,


“Certainly wasn’t anything he wouldn’t have been doing over there (in spring training with the Yanks). It’s just a freak thing. I could see if the guy was sliding into second base or something like that and you could say it was the competition.”


“But that wasn’t even the case here. This was something that, evidently, he does every day before he starts his batting practice and stuff in the cage. I guess if (critics) want to find something wrong, they can use that.”


“But this had nothing to do with the WBC. . . . I’m sorry it happened here, I’m sorry it happened at all. Hopefully, it doesn’t mean he’s going to be out long.”


Teixeira, who played wonderfully for the Yankees in the recent past Major League Baseball season, certainly considered one of the very best first basemen currently active in the big league.


Though his injury will not reduced his playing time in the Major League but still his national team feels that they lost a very vital player who could have help them win this year’s illustrious World Baseball Classic.