Giacomo Perez Dortona and Mireia Belmonte Garcia earned gold medals of the Men’s 100m breaststroke and Women’s 200m butterfly respectively at the 2013 Mediterranean Meet.

Dortona stayed in a prominent lead over his following swimmer and touched the wall for gold medal with the timing of 1 minute and 01.48 seconds.

The champion was chased by Francesco Di Lecce, who was 0.46 seconds slower and hit the finishing end for silver medal with an effort of 1 minute and 01.94 seconds.

The second position holder was followed by Maxime Bussiere, who remained nearly two seconds slower from his foregoing finisher and tapped the wall for bronze medallist with an effort of 1 minute and 01.94 seconds.

Fourth best spot of the event was obtained by Geoffrey Ferrari, who stayed 0.47 seconds slower from his former finisher and clocked an effort of 1 minute and 04.60 seconds.

Fifth finest spot of the swim was gained by Juan Jose Garcia Mesa, who stayed almost 0.90 seconds slower and surfaced on the finishing end with an effort of 1 minute and 05.51 seconds.

On the other hand, Garcia occupied the title of distant butterfly discipline. Her astonishing speed placed her in a comfortable lead over her toughest challenger as she tapped the wall for the title with an effort of 2 minutes and 09.39 seconds.

The champion was followed by Judit Ignacio Sorribes, who was almost 0.80 seconds slower from her foregoing finisher and surfaced on the wall for silver medal with an effort of 2 minutes and 10.18 seconds.

The silver medallist was chased by Claudia Dasca Romeu, who stayed nearly three and a half body lengths behind and stepped on the podium for bronze medal by reporting a time of 2 minutes and 13.64 seconds.

The bronze medallist was followed by Carla Campo Casajus, who stayed full body length behind and settled on the finishing end for fourth position with a timing of 2 minutes and 14.55 seconds.

In addition, the winners were awarded accolades after the conclusion of session.