Kuwait has initiated a policy of relaxation of visas for Pakistani nationals and Pakistanis working in the public sector Kuwait can now bring their wives and children to Kuwait without restrictions, officials said Friday.


Also, private sector employees can issue dependent visas (male children up to the age of 15 and female children up to the age of 18) as long as both the employee and his wife have valid residences in Kuwait, an official statement said.


Furthermore, Pakistanis can obtain a commercial visa to work in “first-class companies” having state-owned shared.


The new measures announced by the Government of Kuwait would ensure greater employment opportunities for Pakistanis in the long run in Kuwait.


It would also help in relieving their hardships especially for the divided families of expatriate Pakistanis. Further relaxation is expected in due course.


The Government of Kuwait had imposed a visa ban of all types for Pakistan nationals.


The situation had created a critical problem for large number of Overseas Pakistanis living in Kuwait. They even could not bring their wives to Kuwait.


The Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis took up the case with the Ambassador of Pakistan to Kuwait who discussed the matter in detail with the leadership of Kuwait during visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to Kuwait, the statement said.


  1. I just need to add that the government of kuwait have lifted the ban on pakistani family visa’s for public sector but when they will lift this ban for the private sector employees as 90% pakistanis are working in private sector who are capable to bring their family/wives here but still they cannot.
    Just a request for pakistan government to look into this matter and ask the government of kuwait to open the permanent family visa so that we can bring our wives here.

    Thanks and looking forward for a positive news from this post.

    Best Regards
    Imdad Ahmad

  2. Imdad sab we do not know about what you want to know, we released the news as we received from the information department.

  3. how much extent the news is correct that Kuwaiti visas for Pakistanis is about to open.. as many people are waiting to go in Kuwait….I also got job in Kuwait but unfortunately visas are banned for Pakistanis……..