Veteran actor Manoj Kumar may sue Eros International and others for Rs. 100 crore for not deleting the scenes that spoofed him in Om Shanti Om, which was recently screened in Japan.

He said that without deleting the scene they had disrespected him for the second time and he would definitely take the film’s producers to court.

He had taken them to court earlier in 2008, where the court had asked the producers to delete the objectionable scene from all prints, and broadcast material forever.

The yesteryear star claims that yesterday he received a call from SRK’s business manager inquiring about the fresh legal proceedings he is planning against the makers of OSO.

The recent release of the film in Japan apparently has his scenes which, according to him, is in contempt of court. Mr Bharat had won a permanent injunction on the scenes in OSO that made a caricature of him.

He retorts, `Despite the court order, it is being done repeatedly. I received a call from Shah Rukh Khan’s business manager asking who my solicitor is and what I am planning to do. I am in no mood to keep quiet now.` `Last time I forgave them. This time I won’t,` said the actor known for his patriotic films.

Om Shanti Om released in 2007 and stars Shahrukh Khan, Arjun Rampal and a debut-making Deepika Padukone.


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