Denmark’s upcoming player Anna Thea Madsen delivered an impressive performance in Women’s Singles contest as she easily demolished Netherlands’ Alida Chen at the European Mixed Team Championships 2013 on Monday, March 25, in Turkey.

The in-form Anna Thea played staggering badminton against her Dutch challenger throughout the battle and easily won it without facing any problem by taking just 21 minutes.

Danish lady was in tremendous form as she played with staggering speed in the arena and spared no chance for her rival to fight back at any stage. She remained ahead all the way and finished up the contest in straight games with a completely dominating margin of 21-8 and 21-16.

On the other hand, Dutch shuttler failed to respond well to the fast and aggressive play of her Danish rival. She remained struggling in all areas of the court and eventually bowed down without taking even a single game.

Anna Thea showed an amazing aggression in the arena from the starting points of first game by building a remarkable pressure on her challenger.

The hard-to-learn variations in Anna Thea’s strokes helped her to continue her supremacy against her rival in the arena. She progressed with a stunning speed in the starting part and remained in lead on the board until the one-minute break.

After the one-minute break, the spirited Danish shuttler stayed focused on court and remained successful in maintaining a sound difference on the board.

The positive and attacking play of Anna Thea helped her to maintain pressure on her Dutch opponent and she easily secured the first game with a sound margin of 21-8.

Alida put in extra effort to play smart badminton in the starting part of second set and remained successful in matching the speed of her in-form Danish challenger in the opening half.

However, Anna Thea increased her speed and started to play positive badminton and she did not let her Dutch rival to dominate the pace of rallies.

After the break, the impressive Anna Thea continued putting up strong performance and remained successful in securing the set with a reasonable 21-16 margin on score board.