Denmark’s spirited player Mathias Mundbjerg continued his smashing performance on court and he easily outplayed France’s Jocelyn Deschamp in Men’s Singles clash at the final day of European Junior Team Championships 2013 in Turkey, on Tuesday, March 26.

The in-form Mundbjerg was in smashing form in the arena as he played with remarkable precision and easily registered a comprehensive victory over Deschamp in a completely lopsided fashion by taking just 26 minutes on the court time.

Danish boy was in staggering form as he did not show even a slight mercy to his French challenger at any stage in the entire battle and easily wrapped up a straight-set victory with a stunning 21-8 and 21-13 total on the board.

On the other hand, Deschamp was shocked for receiving the severe treatment from his Danish challenger. He failed to match the pace of rallies and also could not control his shots. He frequently committed unforced errors and went down in a one-sided manner.

It was an interesting fight in the initial points when Mundbjerg showed an attacking display of his skills in the arena and took a wonderful lead without wasting any time.

Danish player kept the tempo of rallies at the highest level and left no room for his French challenger to take charge of rallies. Mundbjerg advanced with a stunning speed in the first half and remained in lead on score board until the break.

The underdog Deschamp could not create trouble for his Danish rival after the mid-game interval as he lost his focus on court and started to play quivering badminton.

Mundbjerg continued hitting powerful strokes in targeted areas and grabbed the first game with a staggering margin of 21-8.

Deschamp geared up his speed to play positive badminton in the first half of second game but could not construct pressure on his rival.

Mundbjerg was in remarkable form and he remained successful in setting up a reasonable gap until the one-minute interval.

Danish shuttler continued putting up superb performance in the second part of second set and remained successful in winning the set with an inspiring 21-13 score on score board.